Dash restoration part 2!

Today I managed to copy the vinyl texture with the INP Mouldmaker stuff.

Basically this is latex which you pour over the vinyl, use a heatgun to let it cure and you’re good to go!


In order to actually get the structure on the repair compound, you put the mould on the last thin layer of it, put a piece of paper on it and let it cure using a sealing iron instead of the heatgun.

I’m pretty impressed of how easy this actually is and I must say that the result is pretty good so far considering this is the first time!



The vinyl structure isn’t super clear in the pictures above but it’s there 🙂
I’m confident that once the dash is repainted (which is what I’ll do when the cracks are taken care of), it’ll look really good!

Look mom, no wheels!

This weekend me and daddy-o actually got some stuff done.
As the snow’s probably here any day now, I decided to park it for the winter and put her up on jack stands.


Then we got a good chance to roll in underneath the car to check the condition there as well, and I couldn’t be happier. It looks great!


After that, we took away the tank because some of the rubber hoses down there looked like they needed to be replaced by new ones.

First post!

About one and a half week ago, me and my dad drove halfway across Sweden to have a look at a ’72 Challenger for me. The idea was to check out the car, then go back home and think about it.
Was that the case? No, after about 20 minutes of inspectin’ it high and low, I took it for a spin and I was hooked.
So, I ended up buying this beauty and had to take it with me. About 10 hours later it was at home!

This blog/whatever is to keep track of what i’m up to with the car. This is my first classic car, so if you have any ideas or tips for me, please let me know!