Enough hood clearance?

The engine’s in place and all that’s left now is to sort out the kickdown linkage before we can seriously drive it. It sure sounds HEALTHY, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard to wipe off the smile from my face once we can take it for a spin!

As the Mopar Performance air cleaner was a bit too tall, I needed it to be about 2″ lower in order to be able to use the hood. First, I ordered an 2″ filter from Norrlands Custom (great shop, almost local to me and my #1 go-to shop) but I still needed to lower it another inch. Then I ordered the “Low-Pro” air-cleaner  from Mancini Racing and explained to them that I needed this ASAP so they handled and shipped my package super-quick. 3 days later in Malmö Sweden, Postnord took over my package and it was lost….😡 To make a long story short, they eventually found it, and it was delivered to me 8 (!!!!) days after it arrived to Malmö.

Anyway, after I received it i still wasn’t sure whether it would be low enough for the hood to fit.

So yesterday we got the hood in place and it was low enough! Yeah, no need to order an R/T hood (at least not now)!

So, now it’s just the kickdown linkage left to sort out, hopefully we can do that next week!

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