The engine’s in place!

On Friday night we made everything ready for… THE GREAT ENGINE DROP-IN that was to take place on Saturday.

So, on Saturday morning we got there early to get an early start in case we’d run in to trouble.

Everything even went so smooth, we suspected that we’d run in to trouble but the whole thing went according to plan, in other words: painless!

So, now it’s just the rest of the stuff left. Like anticipated, the dual-plan intake made the whole package about an inch and a half too tall for the hood. Until I get a “Low-Pro” air cleaner base from Mancini Racing (along with a thinner filter) to use with my Mopar Performance air cleaner, I’ll use a Edelbrock “Pro-Flo” air cleaner. Yep, it’s kinda strange-looking but it’ll work meanwhile.

Initially, I thought I’d paint the engine in the “whatever blue” that all smallblocks had in 1972 in order to keep the originality. I’m happy I decided to keep it orange though because it looks great in the blue engine bay ☺️

Hopefully we can fire it up at some point the coming week!

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