Southern roadtrip #2

So, after leaving Alexander City we headed down to Montgomery Raceway to catch some drag racing before going up to Memphis. It was a great day and a lot of cool cars


After that we drove up to Memphis through Missisippi, spent two days there and did the usual touristy things that has to be done there. We visited Graceland, Sun Studios and the Rock & Soul Museum. 

After our two days in Memphis we drove east to Nashville where we spent another two days drinking beers at Broadway, listening to great music and did some more touristy things like visiting the Ryman Auditorium.

We got a tip from someone that we should visit Floyd Garret’s Musclecar Museum in Sevierville, TN as it was pretty much on our route inbetween Nashville and Martinsville, VA (where we headed next for  Nascar). The museum had a shitload of cool cars!


 After Sevierville we went to Martinsville, VA to catch the “Goodys Headache Relief Shot 500” at Martinsville Speedway.

After buying tickets on Saturday, we went down to Greensboro, North Carolina to find a place to stay before Sunday. The motel  prices up in Martinsville were crazy so we figured we rather drove south for an hour instead of paying $225 at Econolodge.

Got up early on Sunday and had a look outside the window and the rain was pouring down and the forecast said that it was a 50% chance of rain during the day. We got in the car, drove up To Martinsville and the rain got even worse the closer we got to Martinsville. Anyway, we found a place to park the car and hoped for the best. By noon, the sky started clearing up and it looked that we’d witness a live NASCAR race anyway!

Having nothing like this in Europe, we were pretty blown away by watching the race along with 50 000 other screaming fans!

After Martinsville, we started heading down south and spent the night in Lexington, NC. It was dark, and once again the rain was pouring down so neither one of us felt like driving.

When we got up this morning, we were facing a 6-hour drive in serious bad weather. By late afternoon after a loooong drive (with a lot of accidents along the way), we finally made it to McDonough, Georgia. It was time to pick up the order at Summit Racing!

So, after picking up the stuff up at Summit, I realized that I might have a problem as all of the stuff wouldn’t fit in the bag I had with me..

After a quick trip to the local Walmart to get another bag, we’re good to go!

Tomorrow we’re heading back to Sweden! On Saturday, we’ll be lifting out the 318 out of the Challenger!

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