Happy birthday Daddy-O!

Tomorrow’s daddys 70th birthday.
He and mom are in Thailand and unfortunately, due to work we cannot make time to be with them on his big day. Sorry dad!
I keep coming back to his knowledge when it comes to cars (and life in general), so I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate him here with a picture I like of him and mom, probably taken in the late 60’s.
When I was a kid (and actually still today), I always heard of this Buick, or simply “Bjucken” as the car so I’m pretty sure it was a pretty special car. I’m not really sure when they got rid of it but most probably it had something to do with my brother being born in 1971 and life catching up with them.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that daddy’s still a gearhead today as he spends more time in the garage than I do, getting stuff done with the Challenger. Hopefully, I’ll pick up a little of his knowledge on the way.

Love you daddy, happy birthday!


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