Trunk progress pt. 2!

The old weldings are pretty much ground down and evened out. There was a few tiny holes that we instead of welding filled with chemical metal and sanded down.


There’s still a bit of sanding to even out the surface and to get rid of the few spots of surface rust left before we can go ahead with the bondo.

Since the plate holding the the lock is not aligned with the trunk floor I’m not sure whether the trunk panels has been changed or if the car’s been rear ended at some point?
Something tells me that the trunk panels should’ve been aligned if it was the original trunk panels and the weldings should’ve looked better? Does anyone have an idea?


It really doesn’t matter as the car is laser straight but I’d like to know anyway!

2 thoughts on “Trunk progress pt. 2!”

  1. Nope, that’s how it should look.As far as the comment about American workmanship, why is it a ton of you guys buy and ship cars from the ‘States? Just like to “re-align’ stuff for fun? 🙂

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