One rebuilt transmission and it’s back alive!

Late 2016/early 2017 we took the transmission out to rebuild it as it wasn’t happy at all after last year’s engine swap. Originally our plan was to rebuild it ourselves but UPS put a stop to that as they failed to keep their promise and make their scheduled delivery with the master kit to our hotel while in San Francisco (but Summit Racing made it) 😉

Once back home in Sweden, a friend told me about this guy that had a shop in the middle of nowhere, where he’d been rebuilding engines, transmissions and stuff since the 80’s. We decided to pay him a visit to check if he could rebuild my gearbox and install the TransGo TF2 shift kit. Once we got there and asked him about it, he said he’d have it done within a week so we just needed to come drop it off.

As promised, he called me back a week later to let me know it was done so we could pick it up.

After some work, it’s back in the car and it shifts oh-so-fine and I couldn’t be happier! Now the summer can come (but judging by the temperature outside, it’s far away).

Next up is the car inspection coming up this week. Hopefully they’ll find everything ok!