Project “Black out tail panels” finished!

Ever since i got the car, the argent silver painted tail panels and I have never really become friends. This spring I decided to repaint it with a satin black finish. Up until a couple of weeks ago there hasn’t been any time to do it. Last weekend we pulled the trigger and started with it!

On Saturday we started to remove the panels and sanded everything down.

When everything was sanded, we applied a coat of color but quickly decided we had to apply filler and sand even more as the finish wasn’t good enough.

After applying spray filler and doing many hours of sanding with super-fine paper, it was time to paint. After 3 coats of paint it looked great

Last night we put on the last coats of paint and today we assembled everything.

The end result is way better than I was hoping for!

Which color do you prefer? Silver argent or black? Needless to say, I prefer the new look 😉

Fall is around the corner up here, but the coming three weekends there’ll be some car meets, so after those are done it’s time for hibernation!