Back on the road!

The last few weeks have been kinda hectic. Pretty much all of the interior, except for the door and backseat side panels has been repainted.

Reinstalling the dash sure was a PITA but eventually it was back in place and looked great.

Once the dash was back in place, the lower front side panels and the center console looked a little pale so I decided to paint them as well.

The amount of old dirt that was hidden in the center console is indescribable. I probably washed it 4 times before it was ready for buffing and silicone remover.

Once everything was cleaned and prepped properly, primer and three coats of paint was applied.

Suddenly everything was back in the car and it was ready! Before I could go for a ride, I had to take it to the biyearly car inspection (or Besiktning as its called in Sweden).

Opus Bilprovning had nothing to complain about and declared it roadworthy for two more years!