Dash restoration part 2!

Today I managed to copy the vinyl texture with the INP Mouldmaker stuff.

Basically this is latex which you pour over the vinyl, use a heatgun to let it cure and you’re good to go!


In order to actually get the structure on the repair compound, you put the mould on the last thin layer of it, put a piece of paper on it and let it cure using a sealing iron instead of the heatgun.

I’m pretty impressed of how easy this actually is and I must say that the result is pretty good so far considering this is the first time!



The vinyl structure isn’t super clear in the pictures above but it’s there 🙂
I’m confident that once the dash is repainted (which is what I’ll do when the cracks are taken care of), it’ll look really good!

Dash restoration part 1!

Today the mailman came with the stuff I ordered from US Inredningar for fixing the cracks in the dash pad.
As I’ve been watching loads of of DIY videos on YouTube lately on this subject, I’ve come to realize that there are about as many ways of doing this as there are videos describing it..
The guys at US Inredningar has been very helpful with letting me know how to do this and what i needed (as they do it themselves apart from selling the stuff they use for repairing car interiors).


Before I started applying the Mohawk repair heat cure compound, I sanded the crack carefully and vacuumed it in order to remove as much of the dirt and dried padding foam stuck in there.
After that, I applied numerous thin layers of repair compound and after each layer, I used a heat gun to allow the compound to set.

And after a couple of hours of work, it actually started to look pretty decent.


I’ll continue tomorrow as this crack needs more work apart from the fact that there’s another one, perhaps even worse that needs to be taken care of.
The real tricky stuff, copying the actual vinyl structure and applying it to the repaired parts will probably come during the weekend.
To be honest, that’s the part of the dash restoration I’m most worried about!