Dash removal part 1!

I know, it’s been pretty darn long since I wrote something here..
Summer went fine with the Challenger, no major issues at all! Been to numerous cruise nights, swap meets etc, so the car’s definitely been used.

Anyway, on the last day of the year we started removing the dash. It’s actually in a pretty good shape apart from a sad crack which I thought should be taken care of.


In my mind, removing the dash was gonna be a walk in the park.. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.
I found a guide at the Just Dashes website on how to disassemble the dash but we really didn’t follow it.


Funny to see the chalk markings from the factory on some parts but I cannot really see how the guys working in the factory could understand anything from them. Did they really mean anything?


One last thing. At some point a little piece of paper fell down from underneath the dash and I immediately thought “build sheet” but it’s more likely a piece of a newspaper…


Tomorrow we’ll hopefully finish the dash removal!