Swap Meet!

Today we went to a swap meet that were held at the local horse race track.
Lots of nice cars, mostly 50’s & 60’s chrome monsters but a few 70’s Mopars as well.


Below to the left is my friend Alexander’s Ford Fairlane and to the right is mine.


Extended tailpipes!

Since the tailpipes on the Magnaflow system we installed weren’t visible at all, I decided to extended them.

This is what it looked like before they were extended.


We took two 90 degree mandrel bent 2,5″ tubes which we cut up in half, flipped them and welded together.
By that we had two 45 degree tubes that would fit perfectly.


This is the end result, much better than before!


It’s alive!

The last weeks have been busy, especially for daddy-o who’s been doing a great job altering and fitting the headers and the new twin-exhaust!
I’ve been helping out with whatever I’ve been able to help out with but by now I guess you all understand that without him, the car would be pretty much in the same state as I bought it in 🙂



So after seven long months of hibernation, the time had finally come. All nuts and bolts were fastened, there was gas in the tank and the fire extinguisher was there (just in case)..