Happy birthday Daddy-O!

Tomorrow’s daddys 70th birthday.
He and mom are in Thailand and unfortunately, due to work we cannot make time to be with them on his big day. Sorry dad!
I keep coming back to his knowledge when it comes to cars (and life in general), so I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate him here with a picture I like of him and mom, probably taken in the late 60’s.
When I was a kid (and actually still today), I always heard of this Buick, or simply “Bjucken” as the car so I’m pretty sure it was a pretty special car. I’m not really sure when they got rid of it but most probably it had something to do with my brother being born in 1971 and life catching up with them.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that daddy’s still a gearhead today as he spends more time in the garage than I do, getting stuff done with the Challenger. Hopefully, I’ll pick up a little of his knowledge on the way.

Love you daddy, happy birthday!


Another trunk update!

Finally got some time to go to the garage to get some trunk progress. I reached a little milestone today as I happily can say that there’s more bare metal now than old paint visible!


There’s still some surface rust to take care of but now I’m actually starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Probably 40 inches (100 centimeters) of snow has fallen down the last two days and it doesn’t seem to wanna stop. Perhaps that’s good considering the pace I’m getting things done with the car at 🙂

Trunk progress pt. 2!

The old weldings are pretty much ground down and evened out. There was a few tiny holes that we instead of welding filled with chemical metal and sanded down.


There’s still a bit of sanding to even out the surface and to get rid of the few spots of surface rust left before we can go ahead with the bondo.

Since the plate holding the the lock is not aligned with the trunk floor I’m not sure whether the trunk panels has been changed or if the car’s been rear ended at some point?
Something tells me that the trunk panels should’ve been aligned if it was the original trunk panels and the weldings should’ve looked better? Does anyone have an idea?


It really doesn’t matter as the car is laser straight but I’d like to know anyway!

Trunk progress!

Went to the garage today to finish up my little door weatherstrip project. I knew my dad had been there a couple of times during the past week but I had no idea what he’d been up to.
To my surprise, he’d pretty much finished ground down the old weldings in the trunk.
So, a little more sanding and then some bondo and we’re ready for paint!