Fender Tag!


Thanks to the fancy decoder at StockMopar.com I was able to obtain the info below…nothing new really but anyway:

E44 318-2 Barrel
D34 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
JH23 J = Dodge Challenger, H = High, 23 = 2 Door Hardtop
G2B G = 318 150HP(net) or 155HP(net) 1-2BBL 8 CYL, 2 = 1972, B = Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI, USA
468898 Sequence Number ‘468898’

HB1 Paint Code: HB1 Powder Blue Exterior Color
B6X9 Trim Grade/Style/Color
B = B Class
6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats
X9 = Black

000 Upper Door Frame: Full Door Panel
605 Date Built: 6 / 05 / 1972
505147 Order Number: 505147

V1XRoof Type OR Color: Full Vinyl Top – Black
U Built to Specifications for USA Order
B51 Power Assisted Brakes
C16 Console w/ Buckets
C56 Bucket Seats 1972 up
G11 Tinted Glass All
G35 Delete Standard Outside Mirror
H51 Single Air /w Heater
M21 Roof Drip Rail Moldings
M42 Front End Molding
N95 Nox Exhaust Emission Control
R35 AM / FM Multiplex Sterio
V5X Black – Mouldings – Protective Insert Body Side
Y84 Unknown At This Time
26 26 in. Radiator
EN2 End of Codes Assembly Line

Finally some quality time in the garage!

With a couple of days off, I finally got some time to go to the garage.

I started with changing the old dried up passenger door weatherstrip.



Of course, I didn’t take a picture when the new one was fitted 🙁

When I started changing the weatherstrip on the driver’s door, I noticed that the VIN sticker had been painted over when it was repainted back in -02.
I used a sponge with some solvent and suddenly it was perfectly visible again!


The trunk is in a sort of sad state. Therefore, I’ve decided to repaint it. Thing is, there’s a thick layer of some paste over the weldings that connects the trunk floor pans that needs to be removed before we can go ahead and grind down the old weldings.
It’s pretty much like dried, hardened chewing gum. And it’s a lot!