The guy I bought the car from had the front seats reupholstered and the carpet redone before he brought it to Sweden. The overall condition of the interior is therefore really good.

The only thing about the interior that’s buggin’ my mind is the dash pad which (as most old cars) has a sad crack in it.

If possible, I would like to fix this somehow instead of getting a new one to replace it. According to what I’ve been able to find written on this subject, it’s not an easy thing to fix, at least not with a result that’s looking good.

Any ideas?

No more wasted gas (hopefully)!

When I bought the car, the tank was pretty much empty so I had fill it up almost right away.
When I filled it up, I noticed that gas was pouring out underneath the car. My dad, (being an old “Raggare” and) the one of us actually knowing something about cars suspected that either the filler neck grommet or the vent hoses were bad and therefore caused the leakage.
So, now these have been replaced and hopefully I can fill up the tank without any leakage next time.



Blog’s back up!

Since my brother recently moved to Hawaii, the blog’s been down for a couple of weeks. Now the server’s arrived and is back up and runnin’ again.

By the way, check out my brother’s blog Patrik’s Projects!

Last week I went to the garage and started removing the old trunk weatherstrip. I think they used something like 5 layers of superglue to get them there back in the day because first removing the dried rubber and after that the glue requires quite some work.