MAJOR progress (no thanks to me)!

While me and my wife went to NY for a week, daddy-o made some amazing(!!) stuff with the car.
First, he has managed to paint the remaining parts of the undercarriage and it looks great!



Second, he has installed the headers from Patriot.




Third, he has re-installed the tank, filler neck and everything else around there.


Fourth, the new Monroe hijackers are in place!


As all of the above wasn’t enough, he’s also mocked up the Magnaflow twin exhaust!
Setting up the exhaust is pretty much the last thing that needs to be done before we’ll be able to put her back on the road. Can’t wait!!

No more wasted gas (hopefully)!

When I bought the car, the tank was pretty much empty so I had fill it up almost right away.
When I filled it up, I noticed that gas was pouring out underneath the car. My dad, (being an old “Raggare” and) the one of us actually knowing something about cars suspected that either the filler neck grommet or the vent hoses were bad and therefore caused the leakage.
So, now these have been replaced and hopefully I can fill up the tank without any leakage next time.