The wheels arrived!

Yesterday I drove about an hour south to pick up my Wheel Vintiques that finally arrived from the US. Thanks SMI Trading for bringing them across the pond for me!

The plan was to get some Cooper Cobras for these, but apparently it’s currently impossible to get 275’s in Europe right now as all dealers seem to be out of stock.

It looks like I’ll have to put some BF Goodrich’s on them instead. They look great as well, but cost sh*tloads! 🙁

As today’s a bank holiday, I got some other stuff done as well. Apart from throwing the second coat of paint on the engine, I painted some other parts as well.

Hopefully I’ll get the custom made pushrods from Smith Bros sometime next week so we can finalize the engine build and drop it in sometime soon.

New wheels ordered!

I really like the clean look of the original 14″ Mopar Rallye wheels and I´ve thought about getting new tyres for them… But in the end it would still look kinda wimpy anyway. After scouring the excellent thread E-Body Tire Combos at, I decided that I had to get new wheels!

Yesterday I pulled the trigger and ordered a set (2 8×15 and 2 7×15) of “Wheel Vintiques 56 Series Chrysler Rallye Silver Wheels” from Summit and i´m pretty sure they´ll look great with some Cooper Cobra Radials on.

As shipping pretty much anything from the US cost shitloads these days, I started looking in to other options and found SMI Trading AB, a company located only an hour and a half from me. They ship containers from Vero Beach, Florida once a month. I got in touch with them and they gave me a great quote so in early April, i´ll pick up my wheels from their warehouse.

In a couple of weeks, me and my wife are off to NY so i´m gonna order some stuff from Summit that I can bring home myself, such as trim rings for the wheels as well as some stuff for the 360 engine that´s needed before we can drop it in the car.