Out with the 318!

Back home in Sweden since a couple of days, still jet-lagged but I’m slowly adapting back to our time-zone.

Today we took out the 318. Daddy-O had pretty much prepared everything for lifting it out while I was in the states.

Luckily we could use workshop (located next door from my garage) where dad worked before his retirement. Having access to the traverse there made everything so much easier. 

Once the hood was off, it was time to lift the engine.

Once the engine and gearbox was on a pallet, they were separated, we decided to wash off the 40+ years of oil and dirt from the gearbox and the engine bay.



Now it’s time to finish building the 360 and to freshen up the engine bay. There plenty of time for that though, the snow should start falling any day now and the car won’t get out of the garage until early April at the earliest.