The 360’s alive!

The past weeks we’ve been putting bits and pieces back in order to be able to start the 360. Today was the day and after some time it started! Today’s heroes are daddy-o and long time friend (and V8 know-it-all-whiz) Tobias. Here’s a 33 minute video showing why:

Next up is to adjust everything so we can get it to run (sort of) good. I´ll order a MSD ignition kit sometime soon and I’m pretty sure that will make it run perfect!

The engine’s in place!

On Friday night we made everything ready for… THE GREAT ENGINE DROP-IN that was to take place on Saturday.

So, on Saturday morning we got there early to get an early start in case we’d run in to trouble.

Everything even went so smooth, we suspected that we’d run in to trouble but the whole thing went according to plan, in other words: painless!

So, now it’s just the rest of the stuff left. Like anticipated, the dual-plan intake made the whole package about an inch and a half too tall for the hood. Until I get a “Low-Pro” air cleaner base from Mancini Racing (along with a thinner filter) to use with my Mopar Performance air cleaner, I’ll use a Edelbrock “Pro-Flo” air cleaner. Yep, it’s kinda strange-looking but it’ll work meanwhile.

Initially, I thought I’d paint the engine in the “whatever blue” that all smallblocks had in 1972 in order to keep the originality. I’m happy I decided to keep it orange though because it looks great in the blue engine bay ☺️

Hopefully we can fire it up at some point the coming week!

Grille painted and front end assembled!

Last weekend we got lots of stuff done!

Didn’t really like the silvery color of the grille, so I decided to give a nice matte black finish! Started with cleaning and prepping the parts. 

Once clean, it was time to paint!

 Once it was painted, it was time to finish assembling the front end.

Now we´ll focus on finishing up the 360 so we can drop it into the car!

Engine bay update!

Right now I wish oh-so-much that there was a couple of more hours of the day…so I could spend some time in the garage. Work and other stuff haven’t let me spend the time I’ve wanted there lately but I hope things will change from this Friday.

Anyway, went by the garage tonight and once again it’s time to praise my father. Hands down, without him the car would be miserable. Thanks dad, you’re the best! Thanks to him, things are moving forward.

This weekend I’ll get my hands dirty as well!

Engine bay progress!

While me and my wife’s been on vacation in NY (of course bringing back lots of fun stuff from Summit Racing), daddy’s been busy in the garage getting stuff back in the engine bay. He spent a lot of time painting and polishing stuff and it all looks really good!

Now that the engine bay looks great ,it would be sort of stupid not to take care of the underside of the hood. 

So next up is to sand it down to get rid of surface rust and old paint! Once that’s done, we’ll paint it!

Engine bay painted!

We got up early this morning in order to paint the engine bay. This is the last day of the christmas-vacation so the job had to be done today.

We started with applying the primer.


Over the next couple of hours, we painted three coats of the original blue paint.

Considering our little, or non-existing experience of handling a spray gun, I must say the end result is pretty much awesome.

It’s starting to get pretty cold up here now so I guess that I won’t spend that much time in the garage in January. Still, the engine is still not fully built so there’s plenty of stuff to take care of anyway until spring arrives.

Happy new year!

Engine bay almost ready for paint!

Lately,  I’ve been busy working and haven’t been able to spend as much time in the garage as I’ve wanted.

Daddy, on the other hand, who’s newly retired has spent A LOT of time there instead (luckily for me) and has done a huge job getting the engine bay ready for paint. 

Here are two pics taken a couple of weeks ago.


Today we moved the car to the shop where we’ll spray the paint and covered it up in protective plastic sheets in order to prevent paint from ending up in places it shouldn’t…

We’ll probably start priming it on Christmas Day and aim to have it all done by New Years!

I’ll keep updating on the progress here! In case I haven’t updated anything before Christmas, I hereby wish you a merry Christmas! 🙂

Out with the 318!

Back home in Sweden since a couple of days, still jet-lagged but I’m slowly adapting back to our time-zone.

Today we took out the 318. Daddy-O had pretty much prepared everything for lifting it out while I was in the states.

Luckily we could use workshop (located next door from my garage) where dad worked before his retirement. Having access to the traverse there made everything so much easier. 

Once the hood was off, it was time to lift the engine.

Once the engine and gearbox was on a pallet, they were separated, we decided to wash off the 40+ years of oil and dirt from the gearbox and the engine bay.



Now it’s time to finish building the 360 and to freshen up the engine bay. There plenty of time for that though, the snow should start falling any day now and the car won’t get out of the garage until early April at the earliest.