New ignition stuff!

After we installed the “new” engine, Tobias pointed out that some new ignition stuff would wake it up seriously.

So, as my parents went to Hawaii to visit my brother, I thought it would be a good idea to have them to bring some stuff back from Summit in order to save in on some shipping. And yes, price-wise it differs sh*t-loads from buying stuff here.

After some intense Googling’, my order from Summit consisted of an MSD Streetfire ignition control, an MSD Blaster 2 coil and a Summit Racing Mopar electronic distributor.

A couple of days ago when I got back home from Germany, daddy-o had pretty much installed everything and it was ready to start up.

It’s such a difference! Much better idle, it’s so much more responsive and for some reason it sounds much more mean! 😃

I also ordered a calibration kit for the Edelbrock 750, so next up is to (with Tobias´) help, calibrate the carb and make it run even better!


Enough hood clearance?

The engine’s in place and all that’s left now is to sort out the kickdown linkage before we can seriously drive it. It sure sounds HEALTHY, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be hard to wipe off the smile from my face once we can take it for a spin!

As the Mopar Performance air cleaner was a bit too tall, I needed it to be about 2″ lower in order to be able to use the hood. First, I ordered an 2″ filter from Norrlands Custom (great shop, almost local to me and my #1 go-to shop) but I still needed to lower it another inch. Then I ordered the “Low-Pro” air-cleaner  from Mancini Racing and explained to them that I needed this ASAP so they handled and shipped my package super-quick. 3 days later in Malmö Sweden, Postnord took over my package and it was lost….😡 To make a long story short, they eventually found it, and it was delivered to me 8 (!!!!) days after it arrived to Malmö.

Anyway, after I received it i still wasn’t sure whether it would be low enough for the hood to fit.

So yesterday we got the hood in place and it was low enough! Yeah, no need to order an R/T hood (at least not now)!

So, now it’s just the kickdown linkage left to sort out, hopefully we can do that next week!

The 360’s alive!

The past weeks we’ve been putting bits and pieces back in order to be able to start the 360. Today was the day and after some time it started! Today’s heroes are daddy-o and long time friend (and V8 know-it-all-whiz) Tobias. Here’s a 33 minute video showing why:

Next up is to adjust everything so we can get it to run (sort of) good. I´ll order a MSD ignition kit sometime soon and I’m pretty sure that will make it run perfect!

The engine’s in place!

On Friday night we made everything ready for… THE GREAT ENGINE DROP-IN that was to take place on Saturday.

So, on Saturday morning we got there early to get an early start in case we’d run in to trouble.

Everything even went so smooth, we suspected that we’d run in to trouble but the whole thing went according to plan, in other words: painless!

So, now it’s just the rest of the stuff left. Like anticipated, the dual-plan intake made the whole package about an inch and a half too tall for the hood. Until I get a “Low-Pro” air cleaner base from Mancini Racing (along with a thinner filter) to use with my Mopar Performance air cleaner, I’ll use a Edelbrock “Pro-Flo” air cleaner. Yep, it’s kinda strange-looking but it’ll work meanwhile.

Initially, I thought I’d paint the engine in the “whatever blue” that all smallblocks had in 1972 in order to keep the originality. I’m happy I decided to keep it orange though because it looks great in the blue engine bay ☺️

Hopefully we can fire it up at some point the coming week!

Pushrods in place!

Today the long awaited pushrods from Smith Bros in Oregon arrived! 

Had to go straight to the garage to make sure they fitted fine and that the geometry was correct. Everything was fine!

I’ll get the glass bead blasted intake from Dipkingen any day now so once I’ve clear coated- and installed it, the engine is pretty much ready to be dropped in.

Hopefully it’ll run without any issues as there’ll be no time to dyno it 😁

I’m a little scared that I’ll get clearance issues under the hood with the dual plan intake, the Edelbrock carb and the Mopar Performance air cleaner. I might have to look into options like an Edelbrock Pro-Flo 1000 or similar. But…that’ll be a later problem.

Almost there!

Today we mounted the oil pan, put the timing chain cover and harmonic balancer in place. It actually feels like we can see the light by the end of the tunnel now. 

What’s left now is the fuel intake and the pushrods from Smith Bros (which I suspect currently are being held hostage by the Swedish customs).

Hopefully we’ll get both of the above next week!

The wheels arrived!

Yesterday I drove about an hour south to pick up my Wheel Vintiques that finally arrived from the US. Thanks SMI Trading for bringing them across the pond for me!

The plan was to get some Cooper Cobras for these, but apparently it’s currently impossible to get 275’s in Europe right now as all dealers seem to be out of stock.

It looks like I’ll have to put some BF Goodrich’s on them instead. They look great as well, but cost sh*tloads! 🙁

As today’s a bank holiday, I got some other stuff done as well. Apart from throwing the second coat of paint on the engine, I painted some other parts as well.

Hopefully I’ll get the custom made pushrods from Smith Bros sometime next week so we can finalize the engine build and drop it in sometime soon.

Slowly getting there…

This weekend we got a little bit of everything done.

First, I started to strip the old paint of the Weiand intake in order to get it ready for new paint. Didn’t really know what to use but after some intense Googling, I found out that CRC Gasket Stripper works pretty darn good on paint as well.

Immediately after spraying it on the old paint started bubbling and after about twenty minutes, I hosed it off with the pressure washer and a lot of the paint was gone….not completely, but enough.

During the coming week, I’ll sand the worst parts down before giving it a nice matte black finish.

After that we mounted the new cam and got some bits and pieces back on the engine.

As the 308 heads has been milled about 0,078″ (or 2 mm’s) in order to raise compression, we’ll need to measure for new pushrods as well. Hopefully, we’ll get the heads and lifters in place this week so we determine the correct valvetrain geometry and order those pushrods!

Once the correct length pushrods has been ordered, i´ll go ahead and paint the block in orange!

Oh yeah, and I just got info that the container with my new wheels will arrive this coming week, so I´ll need to pick them up and get some tyres on ´em!

Have a nice week!


Grille painted and front end assembled!

Last weekend we got lots of stuff done!

Didn’t really like the silvery color of the grille, so I decided to give a nice matte black finish! Started with cleaning and prepping the parts. 

Once clean, it was time to paint!

 Once it was painted, it was time to finish assembling the front end.

Now we´ll focus on finishing up the 360 so we can drop it into the car!