Slowly getting there…

This weekend we got a little bit of everything done.

First, I started to strip the old paint of the Weiand intake in order to get it ready for new paint. Didn’t really know what to use but after some intense Googling, I found out that CRC Gasket Stripper works pretty darn good on paint as well.

Immediately after spraying it on the old paint started bubbling and after about twenty minutes, I hosed it off with the pressure washer and a lot of the paint was gone….not completely, but enough.

During the coming week, I’ll sand the worst parts down before giving it a nice matte black finish.

After that we mounted the new cam and got some bits and pieces back on the engine.

As the 308 heads has been milled about 0,078″ (or 2 mm’s) in order to raise compression, we’ll need to measure for new pushrods as well. Hopefully, we’ll get the heads and lifters in place this week so we determine the correct valvetrain geometry and order those pushrods!

Once the correct length pushrods has been ordered, i´ll go ahead and paint the block in orange!

Oh yeah, and I just got info that the container with my new wheels will arrive this coming week, so I´ll need to pick them up and get some tyres on ´em!

Have a nice week!


Which cam should I go for?

Okay, I had a talk with the guy who sold me the engine about the cam in it. Turned out it was mistake from his side and he transferred a reasonable amount of $$$ to me. Case closed.

In about a month I’ll get a chance to visit the Summit Racing store (yay!) in Georgia so I thought that’ll be a great oppurtunity to get a new cam (along with a long list of other stuff).

Still, I have no idea what to get. Since it’s a 89-91 360, I can go for a hydraulic roller cam and according to what I’ve read, that’s the way to go even though way more expensive than regular ones.

If anyone reading here has any recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated!

My setup is as follows:

  • Untouched 89-91 360 (cast no. 53006921360) w. 308 heads, About 10.5:1 compression.
  • Bad P 290 flat pistons.
  • Weiand dual-plane intake.
  • Edelbrock 750 carb.
  • Patriot headers.
  • Magnaflow dual exhaust.
  • Stock 904 gearbox with stock converter.

Any ideas?

Many people already pointed me towards Lunati’s Voodoo cams, so I’ve already contacted them to hear what they’ve got to offer based on my setup.


What cam’s this? Help me identifying it.

Ok, so today we started to take the engine apart and everything looked fine, no disappointments really which is a relief.The only thing buggin’ me is that I have no idea what cam’s in the engine.
On one side it says “070 693” and on the other one “L5”. Nothing more.
According to the seller this was to be a spankin’ new Compcams Street Cam but be honest I have my doubts.

Does anyone have an idea what this might be?