Some parts underneath has been painted now, and it looks great! It looks like about half of the underneath will have to wait ’till next winter with getting painted.
It’s a tight schedule now as the tank, headers and exhaust has to be fitted within a month as we aim to have the car back on the road early may!


Oh yeah, and we’ve fitted the new trunk weatherstrip as well! 🙂


Some parts ready for paint!

In order to be able to put the gas tank back ASAP, we’ve decided to prepare and paint the underneath under the trunk first.
We’ve used the rust encapsulator as primer here as well, hopefully by doing that we’ve secured that no rust will appear!


We’re not sure yet on which paint to use underneath but I’m sure we’ll find some suitable matt black paint suitable for the purpose.

A last trunk update and a look underneath..

Ok, last words about the trunk.
Everything’s painted now and we’ve even applied some black body paste on the inside side panels to keep the the rust away.
To be honest, I really didn’t realize that it would mean this much job to “touch up the trunk” but now when it’s done I’m really happy with the outcome.


Today we seriously started with cleaning the metal underneath before starting with the “rust prevention treatment”.
I’m actually a little amazed with the fact that a 40+ year old original car can look this good pretty much without any treatment apart from paint.


I guess it has something to do with the fact that it’s been in sunny California all it’s life.