The 360’s alive!

The past weeks we’ve been putting bits and pieces back in order to be able to start the 360. Today was the day and after some time it started! Today’s heroes are daddy-o and long time friend (and V8 know-it-all-whiz) Tobias. Here’s a 33 minute video showing why:

Next up is to adjust everything so we can get it to run (sort of) good. I´ll order a MSD ignition kit sometime soon and I’m pretty sure that will make it run perfect!

Clean lifters!

Today we were supposed to start checking the pushrod length but suddenly realized that the lifters desperately needed a thorough cleaning. Therefore we disassembled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled them.

So, tomorrow we’ll measure and determine the correct pushrod length. Daddy-o fabricated a “diy length checker” that’ll make the job easier.

Engine bay painted!

We got up early this morning in order to paint the engine bay. This is the last day of the christmas-vacation so the job had to be done today.

We started with applying the primer.


Over the next couple of hours, we painted three coats of the original blue paint.

Considering our little, or non-existing experience of handling a spray gun, I must say the end result is pretty much awesome.

It’s starting to get pretty cold up here now so I guess that I won’t spend that much time in the garage in January. Still, the engine is still not fully built so there’s plenty of stuff to take care of anyway until spring arrives.

Happy new year!

Site issues fixed and new engine!

Thanks to my tech wiz brother Patrik the technical issues are sorted and all pictures are perfectly visible.

Remember to visit his blog Patrik’s Projects!

Summer went fast, it’s been raining shitloads so I haven’t used the Challenger as much as I was hoping for. Of course I’ve took it out for cruise nights and stuff but if the weather had been better, it would’ve been used more.

Anyway… Fall’s here again and it’s time to start up the winter projects.

I managed to get a lead on a recently rebuilt, beefed up ’91 360 producing something inbetween 300-350 HP.  The price was negotiated and we had a deal.

This weekend me and dad drove across Sweden, roughly 620 miles back and forth (with a trailer!!) to pick up the 360.

Once back home, my colleague Per was nice enough to show up in his 1959 BM tractor to help out with moving the pallet with the engine from the trailer to the garage.


 The plan now is to pull out the 318, freshen up the engine bay and rebuild the 904 gearbox. After that we’ll repaint the engine in “Chrysler blue” before dropping it into the car!


Back on the road!

The last few weeks have been kinda hectic. Pretty much all of the interior, except for the door and backseat side panels has been repainted.

Reinstalling the dash sure was a PITA but eventually it was back in place and looked great.

Once the dash was back in place, the lower front side panels and the center console looked a little pale so I decided to paint them as well.

The amount of old dirt that was hidden in the center console is indescribable. I probably washed it 4 times before it was ready for buffing and silicone remover.

Once everything was cleaned and prepped properly, primer and three coats of paint was applied.

Suddenly everything was back in the car and it was ready! Before I could go for a ride, I had to take it to the biyearly car inspection (or Besiktning as its called in Sweden).

Opus Bilprovning had nothing to complain about and declared it roadworthy for two more years!

Dash restoration – the finale!

Today I went to see if the four coats of paint was enough. To determine this, I had to take it out in daylight.
Once outside, I was quite surprised that it actually looked better than I thought it would.
Yes, the repaired parts are visible but It doesn’t bother me. Perhaps later though 🙂


I also painted the fan vents at the same time. To be honest I can’t really see any difference but I guess they’ll match the dash better now.
To take things perhaps a little too far, I think I’m gonna touch up the metal/silver painted parts of the vents as well. We’ll see.


Oh yeah, and the mailman brought me the kmh speedo head sticker today from Moparts Sweden as well 🙂

Since the previous owner just made a DIY kmh scale on it, I thought it would look nicer with a “real” one!

Next up is the center console which needs some paint as well!